Welcome to SARDA Isle of Man

Search and Rescue Dogs (Isle of Man) Association

The Search & Rescue Dog Association – (SARDA IoM) is a Manx Registered Charity and is a full member of the National Search & Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA).
Searching for missing persons in large areas of land, often at night, can be a slow and difficult undertaking. Time is of the essence and search teams can be assisted by a dog’s ability to cover large areas of land very quickly.
Our handlers and navigators are all unpaid volunteers, and are members of the Isle of Man’s Emergency Services that make up the IoM Search & Rescue Group.

We are also an associate member of the Mountain Rescue Council of England and Wales.

Donate now at: https://nsarda.charitycheckout.co.uk/cf/Help-SARDA-IOM

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