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These can now be done online through Charity Checkout using the following link:

Why Does SARDA IoM need to raise money?

* To fund specialised insurance cover for our volunteers and qualified dogs.

* To purchase specialised equipment and clothing (for both dogs and handlers) enabling teams to search for long periods of time, in all weather conditions.

*  To allow dog and handler teams to train and be assessed with other NSARDA organisations, including discounted ferry travel and fuel to some remote locations.


If you would like to donate please contact

Why not become a dogsbody:

These are the most important people in the organisation as without them the dogs would be unable to train.  If you are interested in becoming a dogsbody you must have:

  • A willingness to work around dogs
  • Be happy to hide in all weather conditions
  • Be prepared to hide in difficult places
  • Have a sense of humour
  • Be happy to take instructions

A full briefing will be given to new people bodying and we let new bodies shadow the handler to see how the dogs work.

Other ways of assisting:

We are always looking for new members who can also help in other ways such as serving on the committee, IT Skills, Fundraising and raising awareness of the search dogs.

One thought on “Can you help?

  1. Malcolm Meddings

    My wife (Maggie) attended your stand at St.John’s today and has given me one of your leaflets.
    I may be able to help as a dogsbody if you require volunteers for that role. I have looked at the web site but would lie to know more about what the role involves and what would be expected.
    Kind regards,

    Malcolm Meddings


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