DogsBodies are the most important part of the organisation.  Without their assistance and willingness to hide for the dogs there would be no qualified SARDA Dogs.  The people who “body” hide in all weather conditions and locations.  If anyone wishes to help the organisation by bodying even if they can only manage to body occasionally please get in touch (

Some of our regular DogsBodies:


Nigel Smith
Nigel started bodying for SARDA IoM in 2004 and is currently a regular dogsbody, navigator and has also been on the committee.  He is a member of Civil Defence and has also been on number of call outs with SARDA IoM as a navigator.


John callow

John Callow
John started bodying for SARDA IoM in 2006.  He is also used as a SARDA IoM navigator and has been on numerous call outs with the team.  John has also been on the committee and has dedicated numerous hours to the search dogs.  He is a member of the Civil Defence and a keen hill walker.