Meet the dog teams



Lowland search dog Holly with Handler Gary Wright

Holly is a Six year old collie lurcher cross who shows great enthusiasm for searching especially with the running out where her speed is evident.  Holly has just had her formal assessment, and has now qualified as a full lowland.  Gary is a member of Civil Defence. Holly is Gary’s first search dog.

Initial Search Dog Matt with Handler Marc Marshal

Matt is a collie with lots of energy and drive to please his handler. Matt is Marc’s first dog and has qualified at initial grade lowland search dog, passing in July 2018.  .  Marc is a first responder and a special with the Isle of Man Police.  He is also an ex member of Peel Lifeboat.


Initial Trailing Search Dog Ruby May with Handler Jim Macgregor

Ruby is qualified in trailing where an item of the missing person is given to the dog.  She then follows this scent on a long line and discriminates from other scents in the area.  This is the first trailing dog on the Isle of Man.  Ruby is the second dog for Jim.